Crown Chakra Essential Oils

Crown Chakra also known as Sahasrara (lotus with 1000 petals) is the 7th chakra, which resonates with the cosmic energy and is connected with the spiritual journey of the soul.

crown chakra essential oils

The main colors of its vibration are transparent, white, bright magenta or gold.

The crown chakra controls all vital functions and transformation processes that bring about healing and regeneration. It regulates brain functions, hormonal balance, the entire endocrine system, a person’s karma and genetic heritage.

When Sahasrara Chakra is Blocked

It can happen when a person is too materialistic, he or she neglects their spiritual or conscious side of life. If one feels the inner emptiness, it can also cause the blockages, since he or she clings to external things, to the social role, their status, possessions, children or relatives, experiencing the fear of losing their identity and free will at the same time.

Essential Oils for Crown Chakra

The best oils for Sahasrara should calm, clear the mind, lead to inner concentration and self awareness. They work at the connection of the lower chakras with the upper chakras, support the conscious experience of oneness, and promote a more subtle perception of reality. The high and fast vibrating essences may give a glimpse of the experience of divine grace, the fusion of Yang and Yin, Shiva and Shakti, mind and creative energy.

The connection between the base chakra and the crown chakra reminds us that the creative energy forms a cycle. Fragrances vibrating at the level of the crown chakra also resonate with the other chakras. First, the crown chakra contains all the light colors and thus vibrations of other chakras. Secondly, it connects mind and matter – the divinely inspired information wants to be realized through our earthly body on earth. So the aromas suitable for Sahasrara, can potentially balance (to some degree) all other chakras as well.

Sahasrara Oil Blend

The ingredients will be:

Organic jojoba and sesame oil, essential oils (1 %), Indian attar (which is a co-distillation of eaglewood over a sandalwood base), lavender, sandalwood, elemi essential oils and Arabic incense.

You simply need to mix few drops of every ingredient to get a noble, ethereal fragrance that enhances the function of the Crown chakra, creating a suitable environment for meditation and fantasy journeys, for prayer, and inner work.

How It Works

essential oils for sahasrara chakra

First the solid and grounding base is noticeable: the ordering and structuring power of the monoterpenes (incense, elemi, lavender).

They build up, give firm support, have a coordinating effect, promote concentration and strengthen and stimulate the body as a whole.

Their proportion in combination with the other scent molecules brings back the mental and physical states into a healthy order, strengthening the inner structure and cohesion.

From the psychological side, they make clearer the vision of the aim of life; make the mind more open and adaptable.

The addition of monoterpenols (lavender, frankincense, and elemi) gives a joyful and lively experience of life, brings more spontaneity to it, and promotes a versatile and carefree expression of feeling.

This group of substances has an adaptogenic effect, i.e. it helps the organism to adapt to and compensate for stress situations and other changes in the environment: In case of excessive energy or excitement, the forces are reduced, in case of lethargy or discouragement they are strengthened and have a stimulating effect. They thus offer effective protection against stress.

Mindfulness, compassion and the perception of the environment are strengthened and promoted by monoterpenols as well.

The sesquiterpene/-terpenole (sandalwood, oud, frankincense, elemi) give strength, strength and self-confidence, support the individual and subtle radiance.

The sesquiterpenes facilitate the inner work, help overcome defeats, strokes of fate or traumatic experiences; help transform negative experiences into something positive.

By an expert use of essential oils, one can achieve the inner peace, forgiveness and the ability to overcome internal problems.

Lavender oil

lavender oil for crown chakra

Its element is Air, and it has a fresh, flowery-herbaceous, slightly sweet, mild, delicately woody, clear fragrance.

In lavender the Yin and Yang are balanced and almost equal. While in the heart chakra it has a cooling and balancing effect on the emotional level, in the crown chakra it helps bring to life higher, subtle energies. The scent of lavender draws us upwards, lifts us above the everyday life.

It facilitates the access to visions, inspiring thoughts and different perspectives. In this chakra the comprehensive, healing nature of lavender finds its most perfect and clearest expression, the strongest mental transformations take place, which anchor themselves as new ideas in our consciousness.

It contains mild esters that nicely interact with the other substances, and provide a relaxing and calming effect. Lavender brings about balance, nervous resistance and pain relief.

As mood brighteners, the esters in lavender oil ensure serenity, a good night’s sleep and a balanced psyche. They promote interpersonal dialogue and strengthen compassionate and responsible interaction with all living beings and the environment. They make you permeable and sensitive to inspirations from higher levels, lead to inner vision and support the necessary dissolution of illusions, self-delusions and mystifications.

Lavender oil from the higher mountain regions vibrates with an extremely high spiritual energy that goes far beyond the crown chakra. Thanks to its balancing, harmonizing effect, it supports us in our efforts to fill our everyday life with spirituality. The figure of a helping angel or that of a Bodhisattva, who provides unconditional help to overcome the pain of all living beings, is suitable as an image for the universal love of lavender oil.

Elemi oil

elemi oil for crown chakra

It promotes the realization of our individual, creative talents; elemi represents the coronation of biochemical substances and life principles. Its compounds can activate the creative potential in us, since their action is related to the ego.

In simple words, it may help us pursue our goals, helps with a conscious application of the will and the life force, so that we can fulfill our mission on earth and remain true to ourselves under all circumstances.

An expansion of consciousness is also supported by the oxides (lavender, incense), which increase the ability to reflect and a high mental power. We are encouraged to use the power of thought to penetrate all facets of our life, make it more meaningful, and make conscious decisions. It is about independent, free and creative thinking and about a free flow of breathing.


Frankincense oil for crown chakra

Its fragrance is spicy, full, balsamic sweet with fresh resin note, and it has got a fire element.

This oil contains immense life and light forces. Its mystical scent opens us to the transcendental, makes us permeable to the highest vibrations and keeps away coarse vibrations. It is able to unite the energy of the earth with that of the sky, mediates between the real and the spiritual world, helps to understand the laws of life and promotes the experience of an eternal connection between physical existence and the spiritual world. The oil corresponds to the highest spiritual values and can connect us to that part of ourselves that is eternal and divine.

As it slows down and deepens the rhythm of breathing, it favors any kind of meditation, contemplation, pranayama and withdrawal of the senses from the outside world. Through deep breathing, our nervous system receives more oxygen and ensures the processing and transmission of energetic information through the Prana Flow.

Frankincense oil has a brightening effect and clears the aura, and helps in “patching” energetic “holes” in it. It also has a balancing and harmonizing effect, neutralizes aggressive energy as well as the energy loss.


Sandalwood oil for crown chakra

It has Water and Earth elements, and has a velvety-warm, sensual, soft, woody, sweet-balsamic, oriental, softly masculine fragrance and a very deep and long-lasting scent.

Sandalwood oil is of mild yang power, which is a gentle masculine, loving energy, whose power should not be underestimated. Its energy resembles a huge continuous life stream like the Ganges, which, coming from the heights of the Himalayas, absorbs many other currents on its way until it rolls broadly, calmly, slowly and powerfully through the deep planes of Bengal, resting within itself, carried by the consciousness of oneness from above and below, of mind and matter.

In tantric yoga, sandalwood oil is associated with both the highest and the lowest chakra, for this system knows no separation in body and mind or in reproductive and mental power. So it helps overcome the delusion of the dualities. It can awaken the creative energy (Kundalini) in the root chakra and carry it to highest enlightenment through the alchemical stages of transformation (energy nodes). Blockages and congestion in the chakras are released in a gentle but sustainable way and introduced into the great energy flow along the spine.

Elemi or Canarium luzonicum has Earth element, and sweet, fresh, green, light, lemony-resiny, spicy peppery fragrance.

Elemi connects the upper spiritual with the lower earthly chakra and restores balance – his Arabic name al-lami means “as above so below”. It promotes the inner journey, and helps create the inner space, which stands symbolically for the spirit or light body, which is consciously created and maintained by each spiritual seeker as a place of refuge.

Elemi oil is strengthening, inspiring, light-bringing Yang oil and it protects against negative energy and helps dissolve and release blockages in all chakras.

Its fragrance can balance all chakras, release their blockages and help harmonize spiritual insights and visions with worldly needs.

When used in meditation elemi awakens the feeling of deep peace in connection with perfect clarity. As easily as it promotes the inner view, it also helps find way back into the everyday world.

Oud, eaglewood, Agarwood (Aquilaria agallocha)

Oud, eaglewood, Agarwood for crown chakra

Oud-Attar is the result of a joint distillation of eaglewood with sandalwood. Like sandalwood, frankincense and elemi, this oil is a fragrance for eternity with an approach to the depths of the soul: profoundly woody, mystical and balsamic-earthy, at the same time woody-sweet, soothing, anxiolytic, liberating and relaxing. The fragrance is used as an introduction to meditation and is also suitable for chakra work, trance and fantasy journeys, prayer, ritual and the search for vision. It is suitable for both the root and crown chakra.

Eagle wood is one of the most precious and unusual woods used worldwide for noble incenses for meditation, healing and ritual. It is used in Sufi healing and Tibetan medicine. The evergreen tropical tree grows in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam and is up to 40 meters high. But the coveted aroma is only obtained from a rare fungus infested species of heartwood. This wood is black, heavy, extremely oily – and extremely expensive.

It has an earthy, deep, warm, balsamic-sweet, magical-mystic fragrance.

The Oud-Attar is used to heal mental illnesses and deep sadness in the heart. During an anointing or massage with Oudh-Attar an enormous energization and charging of the life force takes place. The vibrations of body and mind are balanced and stabilized, while the sensation of pain is alleviated; deficiencies and discrepancies are energetically balanced and dissolved.

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