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I’m Koyumi, and welcome to my Blog – Koyumi.net!

I love the natural approach to beauty and well-being, and here I share my knowledge and recipes, so that you can also dive into the world of pure life!

My adventure to natural beauty started from food – once I discovered that what I ate affected directly how I felt myself and how much energy I had.

So, the next logical step was to switch to more natural foods, and later I discovered that my skin and hair became healthier and more glowing. This is how it all started to work from within.

OK, I thought, why not using all these gifts of Mother Nature externally? Then I opened the world of homemade and chemical-free beauty!

I started collecting information and learning how to make DIY beauty products; I cured my acne and brought my hair back to a shiny life.

And I hope that here you will find tips and recipes on how to make your hair, skin and life healthier and more beautiful!

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